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September 23rd, 2012  Posted at   Business

How can that you have two businesses that connected each other? There are many businesses who are trying to set up two businesses that have connection so not only that they can get double profit, but also they can manage the businesses at the same time and can expand their market segments although it has different business category. So, what kind of businesses that have connection to each other? Two of the most unlikely businesses that you think might not have connection are the printing service and wasting material service. The printing service is where you receive orders to print based on your clients’ requests such as small flyers, pamphlets, local newspapers, and other printing requests. There are three major equipments that you need to have if you want to have printing business such as the Presslink printing services and they are the papers, the printing machines, and the inks.

Not that each factor to start your printing business has different types, size, and functions as it depends on your clients’ requests. For example, you need to provide papers with different sizes because your clients’ requests might need different size and different thickness. For the printing machine, the modern day printing machine is adjustable and it means that just by having single machine, you can fulfill your printing orders no matter what size your clients are requested. The last but not least is the inks which used for printing. The ink has connection with the wasting material service because the inks for printing business are considered to be hazardous or danger if they are consume and digested by human and also provide environmental threat. So, owning printing business and wasting material service is profitable because you can use the wasting transportation vehicle to dump your printing ink material.

There are many printing services which are using the wasting material service because they don’t have the right transportation vehicle to carry the hazardous materials and they don’t know how to properly dispose the aforementioned materials. The shipping hazardous materials are the other suggestions for your wasting material service because some materials have to be disposed in the open sea as the sea water can decompose the wasting materials. But remember that if you are running dangerous wasting materials, you can directly dump and dispose them because there are environmental steps to process the waste in order to minimize the negative effects that usually caused by the aforementioned materials.