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Some parents are choosing to apply their daughters to the preparation school or prep school because some colleges are requiring all potential applicants to graduate from preparation school as one of the enrollment requirements. Speaking about preparation school, there are so many choices for you and your daughters, but nothing does it like Copper Canyon Academy. This academy is more than just preparation school, but it is a college-preparation residential treatment center which intended to treat girls with psychological trauma so they can move on and continue their life and getting proper education despite the problems that they have encountered.

Are there are specific specifications or requirements to enroll to the aforementioned preparation and treatment center? There is no specific and special requirement that potential applicants have to fulfill, although the proper age to enroll to this preparation school and treatment center is girls who are 12 to 17 years old. The primary goal of the preparation school and treatment center for girls is to help those girls succeed in life by balancing the emotional, mental, physic, spiritual, and social ability. Those five fields are the focus of development of character building in the preparation school and treatment center. What does the preparation school and treatment center has to offer besides the five character building projects?

The preparation school and treatment center for girls is fully accredited and has college-preparatory academic program. The professional staffs and tutors are having years of experience in family-oriented transitional living, have the ability to provide therapy for individual, group, and family. Other additional therapy projects under the Copper canyon Academy Abuse program are including EMDR, Dialectical Behavior Therapy, 12-Step meetings, and Art Therapy. The physical activities which available for the girls are including dance, yoga, basketball, soccer, volleyball, softball, and several outdoor activities. This preparation school and treatment center for girls is also opening student application through an online application and confidential assessment.