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April 1st, 2012  Posted at   Business Cards

If you ever want to hope for your business to succeed, then you should be well aware of the importance of marketing. You need to spread out the word that your business exists so that customers will come flocking to avail of your goods or services. It is a good thing that there’s a lot of tools that every businessman can use in order to advertise his or her business. If you are looking for a marketing tool that is not only effective but cheap as well, then look no further because it sounds like you could really use business cards. But did you know that you can create well designed marketing tools with business card printing online?

So why resort to business card printing for your marketing efforts? The goal here is to create a long lasting impression on your recipients which is important if you want them to even remember your business. Business cards can easily make or break any business establishment and it is largely dependent upon the quality of the business card itself. This card is like your business’ miniature billboard so you need to create a card that will have an impact or engage your recipient at first glance. These cards also represents your business, so making it look professional should be your top priority. Through these cards, you are developing your company’s image which will be perceived by your potential customers.

A great thing about company cards is that they can hold lots of useful information regarding your company despite how small it is. It is given that your card should contain all your company’s contact details and addresses. In this aspect, see to it that the contact information and addresses are complete and up to date. It doesn’t bode well for you if a would be client tries to contact you and finds out that the information you’ve provided doesn’t work anymore. While completeness is definitely ideal, try not to cram in too much information on your cards because recipients may find it annoying or overwhelming. Keep it complete but try not to overdo it. (more…)

March 2nd, 2012  Posted at   Business Cards

Presenting yourself in a professional manner at work is a skill everyone has to adopt in order to succeed. Different industries will require specific behaviors and norms but looking the part is essential to advancing in your career. One way people present their services in business is through business cards. Whether calling on a client, introducing yourself to a vendor or offering a prospect a way to contact you, business cards are an extension of your business and when it comes to design should match your industry. When you offer a card that matches the specific industry you work in, be it finance, healthcare or automotive repair, it’s that much easier for the recipient to associate you with a the specific service you offer.

No matter how intricate or plain you plan on making your card make sure it fits the industry you are in. Having wild and colorful animals on the front of your card is great of you work in a zoo but not exactly appropriate for an investment banker or lawyer. People like to express themselves and their uniqueness but when it comes to business its best to stick to the fundamentals. There are many ways to design a business card and once you have found the right image and graphics that suit your industry it will be much easier to create a card that best represents your services.

People in business are often inundated with business cards. No matter what are you work in chances are you have to deal with clients, vendors, salesmen and representatives and this can add up to a lot of contact information. In order to stand out from this crowd it’s important that your card is remembered and one way to achieve this is by matching your card design with the industry you work in. Having images of heavy machinery and cranes on a construction business card or cameras and film for a photographer are a great way to reinforce the products and services you offer in a professional way. Someone skimming through a stack of plain white cards may take pause when seeing a four-color card that includes an image of the exact thing they are looking for. (more…)

March 2nd, 2012  Posted at   Business Cards

If you are still carrying around a physical business card, you need to do a rethink. Most of us exchange business cards when we meet other professionals and carefully store them in our wallet. But, there are many times when such cards get misplaced, torn or just lost. Also, your contact’s details could become obsolete in the long run. These problems can be taken care of by creating a virtual business card.

A virtual business card is smart, slick, handy and very useful.

These are Five Benefits of a Virtual Business Card

  • Paperless: You don’t need to carry anything physically. Just your mobile phone or laptop is enough to transfer the card to another person’s phone or email id. You are also doing your bit in saving our already stressed-out environment by cutting your usage of paper. You also carry a lighter wallet.
  • Self-updating: These cards stay updated, as you can make changes to any details of the virtual card, and these changes are directly made to the virtual database thus preserving them. Thus, each card stays updated, and you do not lose any important detail of the contact.
  • Shareable: Share your virtual business card via email, put it on your Facebook profile, or display it on your website or blog. There are multiple ways in which a virtual card can help share your contact details including by adding them as signatures in email clients.
  • Versatile: You can change the template, the colors, the fonts, modify the logo and do so many innovative things with your virtual card. A physical card is boring and mundane and once you have a few of the printed ones with you, you are stuck with them. There is no way to modify them even if some detail of yours has changed. You really have to wait for the next batch to make the change.
  • Create a virtual Rolodex: By adding more contacts that use the same virtual business card format, you can create your very own online virtual Rolodex! Now keep all your contacts handy at the flick of a key. You don’t lose any contacts. And, your contacts never become outdated. (more…)